Signature Whites

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  • Chardonel 2018
    Chardonel 2018 A newly popular wine originated at Cornell University in 1953. This beautifully balanced white is a hybrid of Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc vines. The Chardonel grape is distinguished by its superior quality and varietal character!  11.5% ALC. By VOL., .5% RS ..
  • Chardonnay Reserve 2018
      Chardonnay Reserve 2018 Beautifully aged in American oak barrels, this classical white wine is smooth and rich. This full-bodied Chardonnay has savory oak aromas that will seduce your senses! 12% ALC. By VOL., 0% RS ..
  • Pinot Grigio 2018
    Pinot Grigio 2018 Our Pinot Grigio is a clean and crisp dry white made in the classic Italian style. Fermented in stainless steel, the delicate fruit characters derived solely from the ripe berries are enhanced allowing fresh flavors to come forward on the palate with no lingering after..